Your Equipment

No one offers you a greater selection of equipment than us.  Let our salesperson guide you through the many choices you have when it comes to chosing equipment for your office.

We are fully authorized distributors for the following equipment:


  • Flavia Single Cup Systems
  • Keurig - all models for your office
  • Starbucks I-Cup Units
  • Tassimo Single Cup
  • Newco & Bunn Single Cup Systems
  • Ion, Ebtech, and Innowave Water Systems
  • Lavazza, Colibri, and Espresso Systems
  • Full LIne of Vending Machines


We are equipment experts.  Do you trust your current vendor is capable of servicing all these types of equipments...the same day?  We can.



We install more equipment each month than our average competior installs in a year!